Syndication Opportunities

Syndicate with Landmark Developers

Our portfolio currently encompasses 19 venues, with more as active projects. Each property features a wide array of industry recognized food & beverage outlets in addition to luxurious wedding, corporate and social event spaces and boutique hotels.

Key Syndication Points of Difference

  • Our partners receive ownership in both the real estate and the business within the asset.
  • Our partners receive interest of 5% on their investment from the time of closing.
  • Our partners receive 100% of free cash flow from the operation until they have a complete return on the investment with interest. Typically accomplished within 3 – 4 years.
  • 100% required capital (usually 30% of the total project costs) gives our partners a 25% equity stake in both the real estate and operating business.
  • Depreciation is compounded because the investment is in both real estate and in a business that is eligible for special depreciation.
  • The investment is not encumbered with any upfront or ongoing investment or broker fees.
  • We provide a “putt call” option that triggers after 12 months of having initial investment returned with interest.

The Albion - Jersey City, NJ

Landmark Developers recently acquired the property at 201 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ a former bank built in 1929, and most recently serving as a Capital One Bank Branch.

The planned redevelopment of the former bank site, will commence with the launch of The Albion a 100-room boutique hotel, featuring the critically acclaimed Felina Restaurant, our timeless rooftop cocktail bar concept, Stork Club and a well curated collection of amenities.

The new buildings addition will add over 57,000 square feet to the existing 6,653 -spread over 5 floors plus a partial penthouse for a total square footage of 63,653 square feet, not including the basement. We are calculating construction costs at $360 per square foot on all existing and new construction inclusive of FF&E.

The Landing - New Hope, PA

Landmark Developers recently went into contract on the property at 22 & 36 North Main Street along with 13 East Randolph Street in downtown New Hope, PA, formally dba The Landing and Fred’s Breakfast Club.  Beginning this summer, Landmark Hospitality will operate the facility as per the structure of the deal in principle, under the guise of a management contract. Construction is slated to commence, Q1 2022, at which point the property will close until, the exciting redevelopment project complete.

Already successful New Hope icons, these properties will be transformed into a riverside resort which will offer guests more than just dining under the open stars. The popular Landing restaurant will remain a local New Hope staple with a reimagined menu.  Nestled at the water’s edge, locals and guests can enjoy indoor and outdoor dining while taking in the river views.

The current Fred’s building will be replaced with a 44 Room Boutique Hotel.  To accommodate its 1400 members as well as hotel guests, Fred’s will be relocated within the confines of restaurant building with stools at a counter overlooking an open kitchen.