Management By Landmark

Landmark Hospitality brings a decade long, proven approach to hospitality, technology, marketing, employee engagement and customer experience – enabling us to efficiently drive revenues and risk-free cost savings to the bottom line.

Landmark Hospitality features fully automated and centralized functions inclusive of; financial accounting & reporting, pricing & revenue management, Pie Labs our resident marketing firm, and our tech savvy Talent and Cultural departments – allowing for advanced operations and minimized costs without diluting guest experience at each of our venues. In addition to these operational advantages, because of its proprietary technological infrastructure, Landmark Hospitality, can launch new hotels and hospitality venues quickly, training talent on its culture, core proficiencies and intuitive software, therefore materially decreasing opening costs, and staff turnover, while accelerating revenue opportunities and creating career paths.

The company’s current portfolio encompasses 20 diverse assets: featuring boutique hotels, quaint Inns, a vibrant showcase of industry leading restaurants, luxurious meeting spaces, signature Landmark Wedding Venues along with The Landmark Club, a membership component allowing our guests special perks and privileges while allowing early access to all Landmark Signature Experiences. The company’s rich infrastructure allows for continued expansion and active growth of its portfolio with a focus on the development of resorts, hotels and venues. 

Landmark Hospitality is powered by our people.  Our core values are intimately reflected by our team of memory makers. Industry leading professionals developed thru a combination of peer-to-peer mentoring driven by tech-based training platforms. We are adept at ensuring consistent results, pivoting to both ensure guest satisfaction and driving industry trends while developing future leadership to match our strategic growth. 

Operations and Succession Plan Management

Landmark Hospitality showcases best-in-class talent, experts in driving top-line revenue, managing industry leading margins, and establishing consistent results.

We are actively looking to invest alongside current operators and developers to help enable expedited growth of hospitality entities.  We offer partnership or management agreements to oversee hospitality portfolios.  As a client you get all the prowess landmark has developed over decades inclusive of management assets, accounting and marketing. 

We also purchase hospitality assets, for owners looking to exit the hospitality industry.  We offer unique purchase plans to stage sale while maximizing tax advantages upon exit.