We are revivalists

who we are:

Landmark Developers is a full in-house 360° developer & operator of distinct hospitality real estate, handling all aspects of:

  • acquiring real estate
  • development
  • design
  • branding
  • construction
  • operations

Presently we own and operate over 1 million square feet of hospitality real estate.

Landmark Hospitality is event-driven, with venues that always include at least one event space, and most have a restaurant and boutique hotel component.

As we continue to grow, beyond our existing geographical area, it’s important to use that the opportunity be multi-faceted with the ability for high revenue to support a self sustaining team.

This successful full circle approach allows us to maximize and enhance the value of the initial investment along with creating high revenue and strong margin business models.

areas we want to expand in:

We are looking to expand part of our local market of Northern & Central New Jersey, Bucks County, and Philadelphia. Our preference is in the getaway towns near to gateway cities. In those towns we either are the property that’s considered to be the center of town or just outside of town usually on 10 acres or more. The existing properties we like are always unique and create the back story to what we create.

Areas we are looking to expand to but not limited to the following areas:

  • Newport, Rhode Island
  • New England Waterfront in towns and Islands
  • Westchester County, NY
  • Hudson Valley, NY
  • Long Island Waterfront
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Connecticut Waterfront
  • Bahama Islands

Although we have a strong presence in northern and western NJ and have grown a presence in New Hope, PA (a getaway town for NYC & Philadelphia). We built an infrastructure that is not only geared towards service the properties we have but we are prepared to grow into other gateway cities and their neighboring towns.

properties we like:

We currently have over 19 venues with a wide array of industry recognized hospitality outlets, in addition to luxurious wedding, corporate, social event spaces.

The properties we like include:

  • distinctive mills
  • estates
  • vineyards
  • B&B’s
  • venues
  • hotels

The rich infrastructure allows for continued expansion and active growth into select markets by acquiring these existing facilities with an adaptive reuse of the properties. We have worked with municipalities to acquire and restore historic structures. This gives our properties new life, a way to support themselves other than public funds, and puts real estate back on the tax rolls and gives public use to the community.

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