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As a vertically integrated company, we are concurrently proficient at acquiring real estate, developing, designing, branding, and ultimately operating the property and business within. This successful full-circle approach has allowed us to maximize and enhance the value of the initial investment, along with creating high revenue and strong margin business models.

Landmark Developers is in position to expand our bandwidth as we move out of the pandemic and onward. Our current portfolio of restaurants, venues and hotels will continue to grow progressively year over year, but with an eye towards continued market expansion.

We are looking for like-minded, trusted partners that are seeking exciting opportunities to grow their personal wealth as we continue to expand and explore all possibilities.


Although we are in the hospitality real estate industry, we are a subset; or one can even say a distinctively different class of real estate; for several reasons:

  1. Landmark Developers uniquely positions our event spaces to create demand for our restaurants and hotel rooms. This gives us stability and income far into the future which is not possible in most hotel assets who rely heavily on corporate business.
  2. Our event business is mostly social based and less susceptible to market trends. Our facilities, when located in getaway towns, show resiliency regardless of market trends (i.e. when things are good, people reward themselves with day and weekend trips, in addition to their original vacations. When times are tough, people replace full vacations with weekend trips).

We’ve realized that weddings are resilient, as tested by the pandemic, and our rebound in 2021-2022 is proof of that. There are no signs that the big wedding has fallen out of favor.

Landmark Hospitality also owns Landmark Destination Weddings, where we have noticed that local destination weddings are replacing destination weddings that require plane travel. Thus, our venues that have both overnight accommodations as well as events spaces are seeing an uptick.

Landmark Developers is not only involved in sourcing properties and obtaining entitlements, but also own the design, branding and construction of the project through Black Dog Construction (BDC), a subsidiary of Landmark.

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